What is the best app for enhancing memory management?

Apps are a fun way to relax, usually on stressful days or weekends after a long, arduous week. I mean, who doesn’t sit back, place legs on the sofa, and launch a quick-fire arcade app once in a while on your smartphone, android tablet, or iPad device. I sure know at least one person (wink, wink, me!) But is it possible to strengthen your brain power and memory capabilities while relaxing? Some scientific reports have found that specific training tasks affect memory and brain functioning.

This ultimately means that brain training apps have the potential to enhance person’s cognitive skills, whether it is the ability to concentrate of one thing for a sustained period, learning new skills, or enhancing memory. Memory enhancing apps are perfect for anybody because they are easy to access on our mobile devices. Retiink App is one of the best apps in the market. It can enhance problem solving, concentration, memory management and creativity.

Retiink has the most innovative games.

The primary feature of the Retiink App games includes games to strengthen your memory recall, and problem-solving skills. The first game is called the Memory Grid. This is how it works. You will need to memorize the positions of cats and accurately predict their positions on a board. The last level consists of a 3X3 grid. Higher levels consist of memorizing the cats on 4X4, 5X5, and even 6X6 boards. I must say the high levels can work your brain a lot. The Memory Grid game essentially trains your memory retaining ability. So, the more you keep playing it, the more you improve in memorizing complex patterns. For every correct tile select in the game, you are given a point. These points add up to your overall Rethink point score. However, there is a high score limit, and it works such that you do not get further points until you best your previous daily high score. This high score renews every day. This point system is a fun and unique way Retiink uses to track the progress of the user. It is a fun and interactive memory challenge!

Want more games? There’s more!

The other game, Solution Draw, aims to improve your imagination and ingenuity. With increasing complexity with each level, your mind is stretched to its limits. It is no doubt that your creativity is enhanced. It is a physics-based puzzle game where you have to draw smart shapes and lines to join two separated dots. The onus is on you to overcome every obstacle in your way to achieve this. These obstacles become more difficult and complex as your increase your level. It enables you to find solutions to the problems you face continuously. The three hints available can guide you if you are stuck and need help. They show you tricks on how you can solve that problem. The points awarded here are made after completing a level, and they add up to your overall Retiink level. As with Memory Grid, the more you progress, the more points you are given. Solution Draw improves your creativity and massively boosts your mental strength as well.

Become organized

Another feature of the app is booking your appointments so you can never miss them. You do this by logging all meetings and events you have to attend in the calendar built in the app. You can note down the specific periods too. You can also invite any friends, family, or support people to sign up for the app, and then you will be able to invite them to any appointments you have, or tasks you need help with, via the app. The app synchronizes and reminds each of you of the appointment. All this helps improve your memory management since you are constantly reminded of events and meetings. On a related note, the Retiink app enables you to jot down everyday tasks and items on your to-do list. At the appropriate respective times, you will be promptly reminded about them. It places you in a headspace where you are always on top of your tasks, chores, and issues. Day-to-day tasks like putting the dough in the oven, taking medications etc. can all be noted down. So, you will fulfill those duties accordingly with the help of the Retiink App.

Get informed!

With the Retiink App, you can expand your knowledge, especially on mental and brain-related topics, mainly due to the many articles available in the app. You can find these articles in the reading tab. They are frequently updated, and you may come across a read that is perfect for you. For instance, you can find articles like “Will Brain Injury Heal Itself?” and “How Brain Injury Affects Your Daily Life” there.  It is a laudable feature for one of the best memory-management apps to enhance mental awareness and educate yourself better on brain-related issues. Retiink tracks your overall progress when using the app for all these activities, especially the games. When you proceed to higher levels and complete tasks, your points increase, bringing you further towards increased brain and memory health. Thus, using Retiink makes you more confident and mentally strong.

While apps like these will never be as efficient as the more traditional and well-tested systems like face-to-face exercises, medical visits, and therapeutic interventions, they serve as supplements one can fall on to improve mental health and memory retention. Retiink is free to download and can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You provide just your name and your email to sign in, and you are good to go. So, download it today and improve your memory effectively.

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