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Your brain boosting & organisation tool to help you reach your highest potential. Available from the App Store and on Google Play. Check it out for yourself and see what it can do.

Want to Know More?

Retiink has been designed to effectively manage memory and organisational issues. With regular use of this App, you can enhance your memory management and improve your time management skills, build a support team and keep up to date with helpful tools and resources to improve your brain health and reach your highest potential.

Build a support group

Following any type of significant injury or health crises, we need a support team. Invite family, friends and support workers to Retiink so they can participate in your healing journey.

By inviting your key support people to your appointments and tasks, you improve communication, and increase your accountability to reach your goals.

Never miss an appointment

Enter your appointments and invite participants who are also attending the event.

So you both get reminders and you increase your independence and reliability. The Retiink calendar automatically populates into your Google calendar too!

Be on top of your tasks

Add recurring tasks and todos and be promptly reminded about them, so you don’t miss paying your bills, completing your brain health exercises or other important tasks.

Expand your knowledge

Get tips and tricks on how to effectively manage your brain health and memory management to take back control of your life.

Being proactive in increasing your own brain health will get you closer to your highest potential!

Track your overall progress

The journey from Rookie to Big Kahuna will include both fun and task oriented challenges. Could you be the next Big Kahuna? The more activities you do, the more points you earn to climb up the levels!

Play brain training games

Enhance your short-term memory, working memory and spatial awareness with these fun brain training games. Stimulate your mind now!

Testimonial from Lizard Global:

In August 2020, we started off what might have been one of our most inspiring and wholesome projects so far: the development of Retiink. Together with Nicole’s innovative spirit and deeply-rooted passion for helping those around her, Lizard Global conceptualized, designed and developed the Retiink application for Android and iOS. We designed and developed the Retiink application in such a way to turn the recovery process into an engaging and meaningful experience. Gamification of certain features, such as Retiinks brain training challenges, stimulates users to continue their journey towards recovery. Together with Nicole, we turned an inspiring idea into reality, which aims to help the recovery and rehabilitation process after experiencing a brain injury.

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