How Can I Train My Brain To Focus?

We take pride in our fast-paced and socially connected world, where everything is accessible with a single touch or click. We also glorify multitasking and being engaged in different projects at the same time.

Multitasking and connectivity indeed do wonders, but they also make us feel overwhelmed by distractions, ultimately making us prone to losing our ability to focus.

With the ever-increasing use of social apps and the repeated urge to check our phones, sustaining and improving our focus is getting more challenging every day.

So, how can we train our minds to focus? Here are five ways you can do it.

Plan and Organize your “To-Dos”

Having great focus is directly related to good planning. When you set short-term goals and have an appropriate plan of action, your brain is likely to keep you on track and keep itself away from distractions.

So, make it a morning routine to think about essential tasks of your day and enlist them in order of priority. Then, start working towards them and tick them off one after the other.

You’ll notice that your brain would be better focused at work and would likely ignore distractions. This planning and accomplishing will eventually become a habit, and your focus will improve.

  • Identify your peak hours

Every person has a particular time of the day when their energy peaks. Some people start a day fresh with maximum energy, while some are “night riders” and function better during late hours.

Try to find your best time of the day when your mind is likely to focus better and avoid distracting thoughts. Once you figure it out, try doing more crucial tasks at that time of the day.

  • Avoid multitasking

This is quite obvious and doesn’t need much explanation as multitasking reduces our ability to concentrate on one task at a time thoroughly. Though it does help save time in certain situations, avoid multitasking if you wish to improve the quality of your work and focus.

  • Practice mind exercises.

Just like we exercise to build and strengthen our muscles, training our minds to focus better is also a matter of training and exercise.

Whenever you experience distracting thoughts, try to label them as “time wasters” and “attention killers,” and then try to push yourself to keep on working. 

Do this practice regularly and consistently; gradually, your mind will learn to kill these thoughts and help you move forward towards your goal.

  • Use an App.

We associate excessive smartphone usage with time-wasting and damaging our focus, but we can also use it to our advantage.

Several mobile applications and games help you perform brain exercises. These apps can also help you develop short-term memory, as well as polish your processing and problem-solving skills.

Retiink is one particular application that helps people with short-term memory issues. However, it has other resources, including brain-boosting exercises that help you optimize your brain functions.

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