Employment Preparation Must Do’s

Before you even begin looking for a job, there is some housekeeping to do to ensure you are going to make the best impression to a prospective Employer. With the world of social media, and the internet, Employers are more likely to do additional research using your name, to find out more about our character, interests etc to ensure a good team fit with the Company’s existing team. Here is a list of considerations, to make sure you are in the best place possible to be contacted by an Employer following your application, and that you will leave a good impression if they do their covert searches or contact you:

  • Do your preparation. Just applying for any job that sounds ok on the internet is not going to put you in a good position for success. Securing work takes work, and the probability of succeeding is higher if you prepare well! Well prepared candidates often receive better offers than their more qualified competitors!
  • You need to know your strengths, and be comfortable communicating them, with examples. A resume that says “Great team worker” means nothing but ‘during my role working collaboratively with my team of 15 staff, we worked together to develop a new customer feedback system which resulted in 25% higher feedback levels from customers” gives credibility to the statement about teamwork.
  • Target your Resume to the types of work that suit your skills, experience, and qualifications. Using a general Resume that is not specifically targeted through use of relevant key words will do you no justice.
  • Know how to work with Applicant Tracking Systems. If you are applying for work using job search sites, you need to know this if you want your resume to have any chance of getting in the ‘consideration pile.’
  • Check your Facebook page on another computer to make sure that any photos or posts which are viewable by the general population are not photos or posts which are offensive, inappropriate for an Employers viewing, etc, and are set to ‘friends only’ in your profile settings or deleted. Will your social media profile attract or repel an Employer?
  • Is your email address a professional sounding email address? E.g.: Not, ‘jennyissexy@hotmail.com’
  • Is your LinkedIn page (if you have one), up to date?
  • Is the voicemail on your phone, a professional and appropriate message to make a good impression on a prospective Employer? Not a pre-recorded message about having a massage on some random overseas beach for example!
  • Review your Referees listed on your Resume. How long since you last spoke with them? Are their contact details still correct? Do they know what sort of work you are looking for? Contact them, tell them.
  • Develop a job seeking plan – Focussed and target job seeking will get you results more quickly. Choose three job search websites to register on so you get notifications when suitable jobs matching your skills experience are advertised. Register with a couple of Labour Hire companies, identify business networking groups you could visit to make more networks with Employers how may be hiring, or know another Employer who is hiring. Schedule activities daily and look at my Job Search Action Planning tool for more ideas.
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