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About Nicole Yeates

Nicole Holding Book

Author • Rehabilitation Counsellor • Brain Optimisation Consultant • Keynote Speaker • Survivor

A severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at age 16 changed Nicole’s life forever. Medical opinion did not offer much hope, with a 30% chance of survival, and predictions of survival meaning a life in a vegetative state or, at best, relegated to a sheltered workshop. Such negativity can become overwhelming, can make a person stop trying or lose hope for a positive future life. Nicole used that negativity as a passionate motivator to ‘prove those Doctors wrong!’

Nicole believes maximal healing from brain injury is about much more than anatomy and physiology, and Holding On To Hope has been set up to assist others to reach their highest potential. Read More

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Keynote Speaker

Be inspired! Nicole's ability to overcome extreme adversity and beat the odds, despite the Doctors beliefs will astound you!
She will help your audience feel that they can do anything when they hear her story.

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