What is the best memory game app?

Nowadays, it is common to sit anywhere, be it your living room at home or even a boring party, and take out your phone for a quick game on your smartphone or tablet. These games usually keep us entertained, take up waiting time, or get our minds off stressful situations we could be facing. Memory game apps have sprouted a lot recently to take advantage of these everyday habits. Moreover, they do that and also help stimulate and train our brains. Many scientific claims have supported the phenomenon that memory game apps have significantly enhanced the assertiveness and general mental well-being of people who used them. Retiink App is one of these apps. It can improve the memory and creativity of a person for so many reasons. One reason for this is the exceptional brain training games it possesses. The other activities performed with the app only push it to be one of the undoubted best memory game apps. We will discuss these reasons soon, don’t worry. So, buckle up.

The intriguing memory games

The first game on the Retiink App we are going to touch on is called the Memory Grid. This game is the definition of testing the full capabilities of the brain. It is a game focused on helping your memory retention. Here is how it works. 

You will be shown the positions of cats for a timed period on a grid, say a 3X3 grid, and you must memorize all their positions on the board. Afterwards, when they vanish, you would have to guess their correct positions correctly. 

The 3X3 grid is the basic level. After that, you would have to try memorizing the cats on 4X4, 5X5, and even 6X6 boards in subsequent levels! It seems difficult now, but keep going because you’ll get it.

As you may have figured out by now, the Memory Grid game trains your memory retaining ability. The more you keep playing this game, you may realize an improvement in memorizing more complex patterns. 

In the game, for every correct tile selected, you are rewarded with one point. However, there is a high score limit, which means that you will not get further points till you surpass your previous daily high score. The high score renews at midnight every day. The points you acquire in this game contribute to your overall Retiink level. 

This point system is a fun and unique way Retiink uses to track the progress of the user. If you play this game frequently, your memory will ameliorate.

Gain more brainpower with Solution Draw

We now move to Solution Draw, which is the other memory game offered on the Retiink app. It is a physics-based puzzle game where you must draw ingenious lines and shapes to help two little separated joins together. You would have to connect the dots to overcome all the impediments set in your way to being joined together. As you rise levels, you will notice a trend of increasing complexity and difficulty. It is done to push the limits of your creativity and imagination. In effect, it enables you to find solutions to the problems you face continuously. If you are stuck, the hint system, 3 of them, can guide you when you claim them. They show you tricks on how you can solve that problem. Completing each level awards you with points that add up to your overall Retiink level. Again, the more you progress, the more points you are given. This game helps with your focus, comprehension, and assertiveness. Your brainpower, creativeness, and imagination receive massive boosts as well.

You get more than what you signed up for

Retiink is one of the best memory game apps because of the other features it has to offer. One of the first things you realize when you sign up to Retiink is your ability to mark and note down appointments and meetings you may have. How awesome is that? It means you will hardly miss essential appointments if you can log them on Retiink App. You do this by marking the date and time of your rendezvous using the in-built calendar, and when it is time, you will be alerted. Another similar point worth mentioning is that you can also log down your daily tasks and to-do lists in the Retiink app. We are expected to forget petty things like taking medicine, feeding our dogs, or calling relatives. Even if it is becoming an issue keeping up with these tasks, Retiink allows you to record them and promptly remind you. It eventually improves your mental and psychological well-being since it reduces how often you forget the important tasks you need to do. The Retiink Calendar also syncs with your Google Calendar!

Get informed about brain health.

In the Retiink app, you can read many mental health and general wellness-related articles to educate yourself. These articles are located in the reading tab of the app. These articles are regularly updated for your usage, such as “Are you healthy as you think?”. Reading them provides you with good information for your good. When performing all these activities on the app, Retiink tracks your progress. Remember the points system I talked about earlier? They are attained on completing games and activities on the app. Increasing your points and level suggests you are approaching improved brain and memory health, making the experience fun.

Honestly, memory game apps cannot replace seeing your doctor, attending therapy, or taking your prescribed medicine. What best they can do is to supplement all these methods. Retiink App is an excellent brain training app to help improve your memory management. You can download it from the Google Play Store if you are on Android or the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device. 

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