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Needing to change careers?  Not getting job satisfaction and want to consider your options? Unsure of how your current skills and experience relates to other employment roles? The Holding on To Hope Career Counselling Package includes a comprehensive career assessment and you will receive a full report with career options based on your skills, experience, and interests.

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If you are not sure what sort of work you want to do, or you are considering a career change and need some inspiration to guide your career choices, this is the complete career planning tool.  Nicole is a qualified Career Counsellor with 16 years experience helping people find the job or career which is most suitable for them. This package includes:

  • A list of job and career options most suitable for you
  • A summary of your key strengths (great to use in a Resume)
  • A personal career counselling session with Nicole (via Zoom)
  • A Career Enjoyment Analysis on the employment role you select so you can clearly see how your work preferences, and interests relate to the tasks required for the employment role you have selected. A good match is likely to result in you experiencing a higher level of enjoyment in this work role.


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