This package is aimed at maximising brain function and brain health to put you on a pathway to achieving your life goals.

– Details of your health and medical history

– Current treatment, medications and supplements

– Health Risk Assessment – General Symptom Checklist and Brain Function Checklist

– Omega-3 Balance Test and Report

– Personalised consultation to review all results

– Managing mindset. Achieving your highest potential starts with a great mindset.

– Develop barrier cracking strategies to manage the impact of reduced brain health

– Development of a personalised Brain Health Action Plan to achieve your goals

– Learn about Memory management strategies

– You will get support as you navigate your way to a healthier brain

Utilising premium Omega-3 oil from highest quality wild fish, combined with vitamin D3 and Polyphenols that safely adjust and maintain Omega-6 3 balance and EPA and DHA levels in the body while protecting cells from oxidation. Reports from current clients on this program include: Higher energy levels, weight loss, improved ability to focus and enhanced memory.
Unsure of what sort of work you would be able to do or need a change of pace in your work? This comprehensive online career assessment will give you options based on your interests, skills, education and experience. Included with this session IS a vocational counseling session with Nicole.
Including a follow up Omega-3 Balance Test to compare with your initial results
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