Do brain app games improve memory?

Who does not want to have a better memory? We could say that no one would raise their hand if we were in a room full of people. We all have different memory retention capabilities, but the bottom line is not to have a fragile memory. Memory loss could be attributed to many things such as aging, brain injury, stress, depression, medicines, and lack of vitamin B12. If you want to improve and stimulate your memory, brain training apps help a lot. In 2012, a systemic review analysed 151 computerised training studies published between 1984 and 2011 and found that specific training tasks significantly affect memory and brain functioning. Apps that offer brain games come into mind. Many apps are springing up which cater to this. Still, Retiink is one of the best, especially for improving your memory management. 

What Retiink has to offer

The first Retiink brain training game is called Solution Draw. It is a physics-based puzzle game where you are required to draw ingenious lines and shapes to join two separated dots. You would have to find a way for these dots to overcome all obstacles to be joined together. With levels increasing, the game becomes more complex and challenging. It forces you to use your creativity, imagination, and brainpower to find solutions to the problems you face continuously. When you are stuck at a point, there are a total of 3 hints that you can claim. They will show you tricks on how you can solve that problem. Each level gives you points that add up to your overall Retiink level. Owing to this, the more you progress, the more points you are rewarded. This game helps with your focus, comprehension, and assertiveness. 

Want your brain healthy and memory sharp?

The other brain training game on Retiink App is the Memory Grid. This game puts your brain and mind to the ultimate test. It is mainly about memorising (as you can tell from the name, I’m sure). You have to remember where all the cats are placed on a 3X3 board. Well, that’s just the primary level. In later levels, you would have to memorise these cute cats on 4X4, 5X5, and even 6X6 boards. You can be assured that it is not as easy as it sounds. This game primarily helps train your memory retention. While you keep on playing, you realise that you are gradually able to memorise more and more. In the game, for every correct tile selected, you are rewarded with one point. However, there is a high score limit, meaning that you will not get points unless you top your previous daily high score. The high score renews at midnight every day. The points you acquire in this game also contribute to your overall Retiink level. Playing this game daily enhances your memory recall.

Retiink is more than a memory enhancement app.

Retiink is one of the best apps for improving memory management due to the exercises it has to offer. There are other features of the app that propel it to being one of the best too. You can time and note down appointments and meetings you have. You will never miss appointments when you use Retiink App. Mark the time and dates of the appointments in the in-built calendar, and Retiink will alert you when it is time. You can invite your colleagues and friends to book the same appointments when they sign up on the app and be organised together.

Moreover, you can log down tasks and to-do lists in the Retiink app. Simple day-to-day activities that escape you from time to time can be well recorded, and Retiink will dutifully remind you. So, whether you need to feed the dogs, take your morning medications, or pick up flowers from the florists, you need not worry. These reminders can organise you and reduce the stress and anxiety you have with memory losses. It eventually leads to the improvement of your mental and psychological well-being. It also reduces the frequency of forgetting the essential tasks you need to do in your day-to-day activities.

Knowledge is power

In the Retiink app, there are rich mental health and brain-function-related articles that you can read to educate yourself. This section is found in the reading tab of the app. We regularly update these articles for your usage. Reading the informative pieces there is only for your good. We will educate you on various topics such as steps to improve brain fitness, how hypnotherapy can help you, and how to reduce stress and anxiety. When faced with issues related to these areas, you may just find the article for you that you need. It is honestly a great feature that sets Retiink apart from the rest. 

Measure your progress

After doing all these activities on the app, Retiink is also able to track your overall progress. It is typically from the points you gain from completing tasks of the day and fulfilling appointments. When you accomplish tasks and complete training games, your points increase, proving you are moving towards increased brain and memory health. Because you want to get more points, it makes the whole experience fun as a whole. The more you level up and track your progress, the more confident and mentally healthier you become, and this intelligent experience makes Retiink fun to use.

Brain training apps cannot be the final deal and be your solution for memory loss issues and improving memory. They cannot replace traditional methods such as therapy, medication, and face-to-face doctor meetings. One thing they do well with, however, is to supplement all these methods exceptionally. Retiink is a very interactive and user-friendly app, and you only need your email to sign up for it. Download it from the Google Play Store if you are on Android or the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device. Download and use the Retiink app to enhance your memory now.

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