Nicole has been motivating injured workers, assisting Employers with injury prevention strategies, and conflict management within the occupational rehabilitation industry for 15 years. Her ability to motivate others comes from a wealth of resilience and determination to overcome seemingly impossible health and personal crises throughout her life. From a prognosis of death or life in a vegetative state, to a thriving Author, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Mediator and Expert Barrier Cracker.

Nicole can inspire your team to reach their highest potential, and is available to speak on the following topics:

  •  Health & Well-being : How to increase productivity, and team culture while reducing risks of injury and cognitive decline.

  • Inspirational: What do you do when all you see are barriers to prevent you getting what you want? Nicole talks about barrier cracking strategies to move from ‘can’t’ to CAN.

  • Educational: Nicole speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Effective goal planning for populations with cognitive issues

  • Change your Brain, Transform your Life

  • Mindset & Memory Boosting

Each presentation will be tailored to your brief, business needs and desired outcomes.

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